Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, April 28, 2005

my article, no, my summons, yes!

midwat: hey
thatbrunettegirl: hey
midwat: think you made the chronicle
thatbrunettegirl: is there a new ep?
thatbrunettegirl: new issue?
midwat: yeah...thursdays
thatbrunettegirl: ah
thatbrunettegirl: i'll grab one on my way out
thatbrunettegirl: is it good?
midwat: in pub safety briefs
midwat: i think
thatbrunettegirl: no
thatbrunettegirl: that's not my article
thatbrunettegirl: what's it say?
midwat: summons for alcohol possession
midwat: april 22nd?
thatbrunettegirl: what does it say?
midwat: that's what it said
thatbrunettegirl: that's all?
midwat: university student
thatbrunettegirl: if that's all, it could be me
midwat: twin oaks
thatbrunettegirl: yeah
thatbrunettegirl: most likely me
thatbrunettegirl: is my other article in there?
midwat: doesn't appear so
midwat: sorry

A University student was issued an appearance summons for alcohol possession in Twin Oaks on April 22.

happy thought

"Kari's away message "Wherever you are, remember...the light at the end of the tunnel may be YOU."
damn, I'm screwed. public safety confiscated my light source and is charging me $100 for ever having it."

"Tell those bastards you need your light back--there are people in Ohio that can't see without it."

just noticing

so, wednesday was my best day for page load so far (36 in all)
and let me tell you, that spike on my graph looks really sweet
I was getting kinda sad that fewer people were checking me less often
especially those of the non-american persuasion (welcome belgium)

then i realized i didn't update yesterday

a thought occurs,
the less i update, the more you check
you can see how this creates a problem for all of us

this is going to require more thought
unfortunatly i do not have the mental space for it until about may.....20th or so

i hope someone comes to my event tonight
a lot of people said they... might
Eric, if you punk out on me, I will punk out on you!
let's have a pleasent eve with no punking on any part
lesbian wedding videos followed by beering it up
that's the plan