Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Zombie Readiness Drill

While I was sitting in the SC at about 7pm, regular closing time, an alarm bell began to ring. Very shortly there were Mexican and Chinese staff people running around locking things up. At first it was our belief that this bell simply signified the end of the dinning period, however none of us had ever heard it before at closing time. Then it was noticed that the woman in charge was screaming in Spanish to the Sbarros workers. Very quickly they unfurrled their security gates , closing dinning locations which should still be open.

While the workers hid in their gated bunkers us saps still out in the open sat around waiting for the onslaught of the undead. Luckily this was just a drill and in due time Sbarros reopened three of its four gates and we left the SC unbiten but concerned about our own levels of prepairation in the event of an attack by the undead.


I'm so bored my soul hurts. Deep down ache. I'm also extremely exhausted and frustrated with everything. I don't know why I'm so unhappy right now. I just see a three day weekend of nothingness. That's gonna suck. I also have a paper to write.

This morning at 9:30 a brown jacket served me with a summons for alcohol. That's just hilarious because he also had summonses for Cynth and Emma. Good luck serving those genius. It also woke up the suitemate who i'm kinda ticked at because her boyfriend who is squatting here doesn't seem to understand that toilet seats also go down. Jesus man, I could have you kicked out again with one phone call! Have some consideration really.

My joints hurt. My nerves hurt. I need something to read or else some sort of entertainment at some level. I realized that summer is soon and I greet it. I really can't stick around here much longer doing the exact same nothing.

I should go to church tomorrow. Free food and something to do.

My frustration is turning into stress. I would be all over the rum the RA's didn't steal but supposedly I am going to a bar in like 4 hours so that will it could still totally suck. I also have to find a way to kill four hours now. I could maybe kill them killing the Taylor who rocks Mike's away message, but it's so raining out. Too rainy for murder. Also I have other friends that seem to like this chick so I'll leave her alive, for their sake. Besides, I think we all know who really rokks his world. That's right, rokks.