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Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm burning a candle....Take that Hofstra!

I realized I should try to take some pride in this whole blog thing so...I'm going to try to write slightly more formally than I have been. It's not really fair to my friends who have me linked to them because it reflects badly on them when they are trying to write something influential and I am writing a teenage diary. Still, this doesn't mean I'm going to get deep into politics or criticism because I make it a point not to speak publicly about politics any longer. I'm sick of the drama involved. I also have no interesting in reading other things and commenting on them. I could write up a nice little E!, VH1 and MTV dating shows blog, and I may. But that is the farthest into criticizm I will get.

Mostly I intend to continue complaining about my own petty annoyances, especially how horrible this excuse for a university is. So, today we'll start there.

Public safety confiscated a boy's pogo stick. If he want's it back he's going to have to steal it from out the administration's ass.

I lost 3 bottles of alcohol and one bottle of unopened non-alcoholic bitters in an inspection because they moved in someone underage (against my will mind you), despite the fact that all were purchased before they forced my living conditions. Now I'm out like $30.

I still haven't heard back on my appeal of the confiscation of my power strip (with $100 fine) which was mistaken for a surge protector.

My buddy list is sad and lame because all my friends have been forced off-line. All internet is down on North Campus starting at about 5 tonight until about 1 tomorrow afternoon. (This is why Brian and Eric won't be updating tonight)

Of course you could just drive to south campus to use one of the labs. That is, if you can find a place to park. Despite an already huge lack of parking (not everyone in certain dorms can leagally park their cars in their dorm parking lots), one of the major parking lots and also the only direct connecting car route from one side of north campus to the other, is being turned into a new theatre building. They are simply not replacing the lost hundred some spaces in any way.

Bastard bueracracy at this school. I would go kick the crap out of my old printer and relive some of this frustration, except that I'm afraid to leave my room for fear that they'll confiscate my alarm clock and cough syrup. Even if I did go out I would have to park illegally several miles away because the parking lot cannot handle the number of cars at my dorm. If I got to a remote location to smash my printer public safety would show up and take my softball bat away and I would be fined several thousand dollars for posession of a croquet mallet. At least public safety would gain a batt to hit passing students with while they hop on their new pogo stick and drink rum and bitters.

cudos to the Chron staff for running spell check this month!

this is getting rediculous...

I returned home to find a notification of violation
apparently i am in trouble for having 6 glass bottles
4 with alchohol
i will recieve further info on concequences

1. Most those bottles have been here since before I moved in
2. Glass Bottles are illegal? Since when? Every room I've lived in has had glass
3. I thought everyone here was 21+
4. If the suitemate is under 21 shouldn't I have been told when she moved in
5. When I moved in everyone was over 21
6. The bastards took my rum
fucking bastards