Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, April 21, 2005

next week...

my event didn't go well tonight
basically I was there, Drew was there and Cheryl was there
also two kids taping for a project, Pastor Alan and our speaker
Luckily Tom is really cool so he didn't mind the lack of people
anyone in the new york area must come next week
last night in "God and Gays" and we have a movie and someone from the movie
the movie is "In my father's Church"
be there
2nd floor Axinn Library
Thursday the 28th

I sing the body electric

the thing about long island is
however a horrible heinous bitch she is to me
the sky is still so damn blue
"planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do"

this morning is glorious though
soft blue light everywhere
and with the rain coming in
there is this lovely ocean smell mixed with all the campus pine trees
it smells so fresh outside
like how awsome bleach smells
but not braincell destroying
just natural

if only my room weren't a sweat lodge
even with the fan it's horrible in here
especially compaired to outside
but it's darker here so that's good
but i'd rather the bright breezy than the sweltering dark

this island may be a disease infected whore
but damned if she can't clean up real nice in the mornings