Archaeology for the Masses

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

half asleep i hear a voice...

it was a debbie reynolds evening

how tonight was supposed to go
8:30 The Haunting w/ HUHC (and pizza)
10:00 Girl with the Pearl Earinging w/ AHA!

Eric called about dinner at 9pm
I couldn't go

what really happened
spent most the morning trying to rearrange life so I could see both films
7:30 failed to get through to kat or jamie to find out where huhc was happening
8:00 heard from kat, got guesses about where huhc was happening
8:10 went to the places kat sugested and several wild guesses
8:30 gave up and called eric's room, no answer
8:31 called eric's cell, no answer
8:32 called mike's cell, no answer
8:33 called porkpie, got through but he had no answers about dinner
8:45 got a burrito (which any HU student knows isn't as good as it might sound)
9:00 returned to the room, got IM back from jamie, she too is clueless maybe film is next week(?)
9:20 blogged about it while I waited for 10pm to come, luckily I have all the info on "Girl..."

so I'm a little bit agravated
but I am made happier by two facts
1. The Inca army had two flanks, the Jaguar Warriors and the Lima Bean Warriors
2. Apparently someone on American Idol sang "Macarthur Park"
doesn't excuse the show, but sure as hell is a funny thought

tattoos are addictive

I've decided I need an inner wrist tattoo
I know,
but it shouldn't hurt anymore than my foot tattoo did
and that was like hell
but tolerable
I want a knights templar cross
but I really can't get one there until I'm like 30 and have a career and all

what I want now
(and this is similar to the whole "get brian and ibook" deal)
is a brown leather cuff to wear on my left wrist
something that will cover the tattoo when I get it
in ten years
but still
want the cuff so I can get used to it
here's where you come in....
all my wonderful fans out in readerland need to send such a bracelet to my home address
you can slide it through the mail slot, mail it or else (for the lowng islanders) just hand it to me
so go
go now
and get me thick leather bracelets

oh and also that really good henna
you know the premixed kind?
yeah, I can never find that and I need it for a different project
get on that too