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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

my evening plays out in aim

Eirikr Rauoi: okay so someone needs to teach you how to crop and to save your pictures for the web at a 72 dpi. Everything will load 200% faster

Auto response from thatbrunettegirl: man,
i should be gone already

thatbrunettegirl: bah
Eirikr Rauoi: no seriousle
thatbrunettegirl: bah
Eirikr Rauoi: anyone not on a cable modem
thatbrunettegirl: screw them
Eirikr Rauoi: it would take forever
Eirikr Rauoi: eilise
Eirikr Rauoi: even on a cable modem
Eirikr Rauoi: it takes fucking forever
thatbrunettegirl: good
Eirikr Rauoi: you look stupid
thatbrunettegirl: moah ha ha
Eirikr Rauoi: like
Eirikr Rauoi: you look like you do not know what your doing
thatbrunettegirl: it's fucking homestead
thatbrunettegirl: that screams i don't know what i'm doing
Eirikr Rauoi: just save your stuff 72 dpi
Eirikr Rauoi: it makes life so much easier
Eirikr Rauoi: in fact
Eirikr Rauoi: if you want me to
thatbrunettegirl: nope
Eirikr Rauoi: i can do it for all your pics in one swift move
Eirikr Rauoi: oh for the love of god!
Eirikr Rauoi: it makes me so angry
thatbrunettegirl: my family very often uses my site to print pics
Eirikr Rauoi: ugh...thats retarded
thatbrunettegirl: i want them to have the highest quality pics to work from
Eirikr Rauoi: so
thatbrunettegirl: that's what the bleeding sight is for
Eirikr Rauoi: you set up a folder that you can use just for that
Eirikr Rauoi: not your fucking homepage!
thatbrunettegirl: and the fact that it annoys you just makes you look stupid
thatbrunettegirl: because it doesn't affect you at all
Eirikr Rauoi: no no no no no
Eirikr Rauoi: i know
thatbrunettegirl: sorry eric
thatbrunettegirl: you have no power here
Eirikr Rauoi: but it affects me when I want to look at the pictures
Eirikr Rauoi: and it takes forever...i know what the fuck i am talking about yo!
thatbrunettegirl: i know you know what you're talking about
Eirikr Rauoi: arg!
thatbrunettegirl: but you have no say
Eirikr Rauoi: gack!
Eirikr Rauoi: who said i did
Eirikr Rauoi: just seriously
Eirikr Rauoi: it takes forever
Eirikr Rauoi: so annoying
thatbrunettegirl: you're expressed your opinion
Eirikr Rauoi: yup i sure did
thatbrunettegirl: you're on record
Eirikr Rauoi: how was your day?
thatbrunettegirl: and i'm not changing it
thatbrunettegirl: good i guess
thatbrunettegirl: i woke up and sanded my sculpture
Eirikr Rauoi: oh yeah?
thatbrunettegirl: then i went to food and faith 101 and was told they wanted me to speak
thatbrunettegirl: so i got a bible and made something up
Eirikr Rauoi: stupid pope
Eirikr Rauoi: so angry about that
thatbrunettegirl: yeah
thatbrunettegirl: well
thatbrunettegirl: he's old
Eirikr Rauoi: die!
thatbrunettegirl: maybe the nigerian guy still has a shot
Eirikr Rauoi: maybe
Eirikr Rauoi: i doubt it
Eirikr Rauoi: they will never pick anyone under 70 again
thatbrunettegirl: they live too long
Eirikr Rauoi: yup
Eirikr Rauoi: yup
Eirikr Rauoi: 10 years at the most
Eirikr Rauoi: you know ratzinger was a Nazi youth?
Eirikr Rauoi: Nazi youth!
Eirikr Rauoi: for christ sake
thatbrunettegirl: i heard his family was anti nazi and he was made a youth at the age of 12 against his will
Eirikr Rauoi: oh expect me to believe that?
Eirikr Rauoi: if he truly was a man of god his family and he would have died before he was made to join
Eirikr Rauoi: stupid bullshit
thatbrunettegirl: he was twelve years old!
Eirikr Rauoi: fucking germans
Eirikr Rauoi: always using the "i was ordered too" excuse roommate who I do so love is watching one tree hill which i don't seem to love
luckily i missed american idol
too much fake drama for me

like my new pic?

knew you would


The kind of thing i used to do on Livejournal or Blame Kari

Elise Marie Meyers's Aliases

Your movie star name: Chocolate Ora

Your fashion designer name is Elise Progue

Your socialite name is Eeci Vegas

Your fly girl / guy name is E Mey

Your detective name is Dog Fort Hayes

Your barfly name is Gold Fish Rum

Your soap opera name is Marie Glencoe

Your rock star name is Chocolate Jet

Your star wars name is Elizep Meymik

Your punk rock band name is The Lovestruck Parapsychology

the one I dig is Chocolate Jet
Dog Fort Hayes has to be my least favorite

and then this one is Emma's fault

Your Linguistic Profile:

65% General American English

15% Upper Midwestern

10% Dixie

5% Midwestern

5% Yankee

and Midwestern and General American English are really the same damn thing


purple splotchy neck
yeah I hear that's going around...

Brian "Still up? Interesting."

speaking of Brian
anyone who doesn't already should read his blog
I'm talking to you Zoe and you Kari
yeah, I know you guys are still reading me
anyway back to B-Rod
go for the fun headlines
stay because my name is mentioned
and don't give him money
he'll only use it on hookers
stilt wearing hookers ;)