Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, April 18, 2005

In my defense...

I was shanghai'd!
They told me I was going to the fair.
That's not what happened.

and she's modest too...

I am eternally greatful to my parents for having such awsome genetics
I've always seen myself as beautiful
That may be a credit to my parents as well
But I've always been thin as well as proportionate
I also have good skin and managable hair
But today I feel really good about myself
Which is really good because I took the day off from classes for mental health
I've been trying to lose some weight around my waist
I think I put it on when I was taking those awful shots
The ones that screwed up my skin too
but I really noticed it in Orlando
and I've been trying to eat better to lose it
because exercise only makes me more muscular
(by the way my legs are exceptionally strong right now)
and I think this has actually been working
I put my corset on today and it was loose
It was last restrung a year ago
and the last time I put it on it was tight

Now if only I could get sims2 bodyshop to work
or my dad would e-mail me the homestead password so I could redo my site and put a really hot pic up here
and if my room would magically clean
and my suitemate and her boyfriend would go away forever and my roommate would disappear for the night
and Mike had no work
and this horrible school were somehow transplanted to just outside the Columbus border (South so it isn't too close to home)
then today would be perfect

I've had several people call me recently to tell me that they're doing really well and feeling really good about themselves
and today I am the Captain of that boat
and I like the color green

didn't want to leave you with a sad thought tonight

better now!

i have some reading to do
there's a small boy in a hotel that needs my help
"The Shinning"
ever read it?
now theres a book that really makes me want a drink

it's late, i'm bored, people are disappointing

do abyss and abysmal have the same root?
i bet they do
that's how i feel tonight